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Charles K. Sanders

1 Greenway Plaza, Suite 100
Houston, Texas 77046


Mr. Charles Sanders is the co-founder and partner of Rose Sanders Law Firm, PLLC. Charles is passionate about helping the injured fight for their rights against insurance companies.

Early on in his career, while working as an insurance adjuster and claims counsel for numerous insurance companies, Charles saw first-hand and personally experienced the unfair and deceptive tactics big name insurance companies employ against injured claimants-even their own insured clients.

If anyone was born to enter a specific profession, it is Mr. Charles Sanders.

The son of a Surgeon, Mr. Sanders was often seen as the "black sheep" of his family. While the rest of his family (including his father-in-law) went into medicine, Charles took a different route to break away from the path that was expected of him. Charles paved his own way and became a personal injury attorney instead of a physician.

Charles experienced the inner workings of the personal injury business in Texas at a young age. He spent many years of his life observing and listening to the different discussions and conversations between plaintiff's lawyers and other doctors.

Charles may have been a child, but these conversations stuck with him. The fundamentals of this business were also left ingrained in him at a young age. Due to the relationship and guiding hand of the doctors in his family who regularly treated injured patients, Mr. Sanders was given a foundation of knowledge in medicine and law that he would use to help his clients.

The best way Charles Sanders describes accident and injury law is as a Venn diagram.

"Imagine, if you will, two intersecting circles. One circle represents law. The other circle represents medicine. Where the two meet in the middle-this is the epicenter of personal injury law."

Mr. Sanders has been involved in all facets of the personal injury business.

He has worked for plaintiff's lawyers as a paralegal, case manager, and in addition to this has worked for doctors' offices all over the country. He's personally been responsible with handling and managing personal injury cases-anything and everything from orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, radiologists, pain management, you name it. Mr. Sanders has worked for them all.

Charles is an all lines bodily injury insurance adjuster in over 26 American States.

He has worked as an adjuster and claims counsel for companies you recognize, such as Geico, State Farm, Allstate, and other third-party administrators.

While working for these companies, Mr. Sanders learned all the tactics and strategies employed by these insurance companies. After successfully defending, adjusting, and managing many multi-million-dollar wrongful death/medical malpractice cases, Charles learned that the best way to beat these companies is to employ their own tactics against them. After moving up the ranks at these companies, Charles wanted to do more to help the people after amassing such expertise in these fields. Specifically, Charles wanted to bring the lessons he learned into the courtroom, and for his client's pre-suit claims.

Mr. Sanders brings all this knowledge and experience in the accident and injury business that he has gained over the course of his life to his law practice, Rose Sanders Law Firm, PLLC that he founded with his wife, Erica Rose.